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Mgf trophy 160 finally has hgf page 1 mg pistonheads. Cheapest ways of increasing hp in mgfs the mgf register. Removal of the head it is fairly straight forward, youd remove the things. Imho 150bhp in a standard mgf is more than adequate for the type of car it is. For the purposes of this engine tuning discussion, we shall restrict our attention to the 1.

By using our website you are accepting our cookies policy which can be found on our. These are shown as options below the originating part no. Torquecars will look into mgf tuning and summarise the greatest mods that work. This is iains original thread, the cure is here on and here on the mgf register forum. Option a would be saws tuning as they are relatively local or option b would be kmaps who seem to have been around longer. As well as a buyers guide, it also gives you info on how to tell a vvc from an mpi non vvc. The principle is simple, the more air you get in the engine, the more power you get out. Mgf and mg tf electronic control unit engine vvc rimmer bros.

The heart of the mgf vvc lies just underneath the cam cover. Nov 27, 2018 in summary, the mgf was greater than the sum of its parts, and remains a unique driving experience to this day. Essentially the trophy without the engine tuning upgrades, this model was therefore available in 1. A vvc with mild porting, a warm exhaust cam, and the bolt on mods mentioned above should provide a power output of somewhere close to the magic 180 bhp mark. Mg f convertible from 1995 specs, dimensions, facts.

Im in particular concerned about the engine as the head gasket has a. Looking for mgf performance parts for your classic car. How the mgf vvc engine really works power output is finally dependent upon weight of air efficiently burnt per minute, and this. Ive been to asda today to get some bits and noticed gtx is on offer. But once we had the correct diagram how to wire it up, a helpfull and technical guy at a dealership started cutting wires and soldering the box. Its possible of tuning an b18a dohc engine honda vtec to 650 bhp with remaining the vtec system. It comes in three displacements, 1400cc, a larger bored 1600cc and a stroked 1800cc.

The k series engine as used in the caterham seven and lotus elise, is a compact and light unit capable of high specific outputs. Breathe deeply and gulp how the mgf vvc engine really works power output is finally dependent upon weight of air efficiently burnt per minute, and this in the end is fixed absolutely by the breathing power of the valve gear. Order your mgf and mg tf electronic control unit engine vvc. Cam shaft upgrades from piper cams with mg rover timing belt kits, valves, cam seals and thermostat kits, pistons, liners, bearings and gaskets. Mems 2j was used on the vvc engine, to control the variable valve control and the distributorless ignition system, which was used. Initial attention naturally focused upon the mouthwatering technical specifications of this land mark car for mg. Find all the key specs about the mg f convertible from fuel efficiency and top speed, to running costs, dimensions data and lots more. Excellent handling with mid engine arangement and slightly better engine performance than its competitor the mx5. Mg mgf performance parts, tuning parts and styling accessories. Usually any noise from the top of the engine will be more pronounced on startup from cold as the tappets and vvc mechs, the whole head for that matter drains into the sump when stood for a long period of time, say overnight. Mgf parts the mgf 2 seater convertible was introduced in september 1995 and production ceased in janaury 2002 prior to the release of the mgtf. A screeching noise from the engine, which changes with engine rpm, and usually occurs in damp conditions, indicates a slack alternator belt. Overheating of the k series is the main cause of the problem. Ma petite anglaise french edition ma petite anglaise french edition.

It is a popular engine in motorsport due to its relatively light weight and performance potential. The belated additions were well received and provided the stepping stone to mgf 2, which was launched in january 2002 as the mg tf. The final product, the mg f, was finally unveiled on 8 march 1995, and went on sale in september that year with a 1. Turbotechnics supercharger conversion on the vvc starts from 215bhp. Fitting an eu2 vvc engine to a non vvc s1 elise lotus didnt make any changes to the cars wiring loom between their standard 120bhp s1 and the 143bhp vvc powered 111s.

This engine featured in the relaunched mg tf in the uk and the mg3 sw and mg7 in china. Best budget buys include a 52mm throttle body and latterly a taipan cold air induction kit which the mgf centre is said to pull out a massive 14bhp alone on a stock 1. Mg tuning tips and modifications maximise your mgs driving pleasure. Try and find one that has proof of cam belts has been replaced as they have two. To upgraded liners pistons and rods on full race engines. If the vvc system on the mg rover k series engine is not setup correctly or has a fault then the engine is limited to only 5500 rpm instead of. Mg rover k series vvc timing check and fix stuck at only. Brodie britain racing can provide you with a turbocharged engine with a 300bhp output. I think my ecu is the 2 mems version so cannot be remapped. Email to friends share on facebook opens in a new window or tab share on twitter. Looking at these variants in more detail non vvc k4 variants. In standard tune it yielded 120bhp but in ingenious vvc form variable valve control 145bhp was the order of the day, which enthusiasts will know is the same output as the old 3litre mgc engine. You might also find a white creamy substance underneath the oil filler cap andor a mixture of oil and water in the water reservoir. Film your engine on startup, and then again after a good 30 min ride, compare them.

These are driven from the engine management system ems and, through a spool valve. The other thing one notices is a cast hydraulic control unit and next to it, two 1 square plastic coated solenoids. Dva power is a small company setup and run by dave andrews undertaking engine tuning and building, it is sited in milton keynes. If you can, i would test drive at least one example of each so you can see which is right for you, as the 2 engine perform differenlty and require a different style of driving to get the best from them. With extensive mgf and mgtf experience since 1995 we offer all facilities including damage repairs, accessories, full diagnostic system and programming, mechanical servicing, and mots all at our premises in wolverhampton. Contemplating having my 5tf remapped, so looking for feedback on the two options im considering. The key to mgf tuning is doing it right a lot of money can be wasted if you do it wrong. Vvc variable valve control is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by rover and applied to some high performance variants of the companys k series 1800cc engine. The vvc system isnt that different, i thought by the way, the engine isnt the only thing ive modified. The vvc is good for 180bhp, the mods above should get you close, after that i believe you need to ditch the vvc, try. The kseries engines are prone to head gasket failure. How the mgf vvc really works mg rover group powertrain ltd, manufacturer of the vvc engines sandsmuseum. Much has been written about the failure of k series head gaskets and the reliability of the engines. This overheating causes movement of the cylinder head which leads to failure of the gasket.

We did comparison tests with other manufacturers vehicles they were not in the same league. The trophy 160 may, 2001so named because the re tuning of the engine resulted in its vvc engine producing 160 ps 158 bhp. Each vvc mechanism housing is machined to swiss watch standards and contains a pair of needle roller bearings. Hi having recently broke up my y2k mgf i have available this 1. The first allnew mg for 32 years, the mgf was launched to critical acclaim at the 1995 geneva motor show. How the mgf vvc engine works mg car club auckland centre. K series engine vvc for sale in uk view 36 bargains. Wisconsin department of justice code manual wilenet. Email field should not be empty please enter a valid email address. Plus you can tune the vvc quite easy up to 160 level which makes the f quite an performance car. Other suffixes such as ur uprated and ss stainless steel are also used to denote other variations of the same part.

After 11 years our little mgf trophy 160 has finally succumbed to possible hgf. The rover kseries engine is a series of engines built by powertrain ltd, a sister company of. Bookcase fbookca bookcollectorrare kbook boom code in vehicle or vehicle part file booster, power rpowerb bow sbow bowl silver hsilver box, cable tv converter rcablec bracelet pbracel bracelet, house arrest phabrac brake ebrake brake if stolen vehicle part, code in vehicle part file breaker wisconsin department of justice code manual. Brief technical specifications mid engine rear wheel drive 4 cylinder 1598cc 112ps and 1796cc 120ps 1. Mgf vvc engine for sale enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for mgf vvc engine for sale. Changing the engine oil and filter on an mgf duration. Air filters are the first step to tuning any engine. This note is not intended to substitute for a workshop manual but is a reference to draw attention to key aspects of the job which may differ from other engines. The elise s1 111s 143bhp eu2 vvc is controlled by the mems 2j ecu common with the early vvc mgfs. Ive used this on my f and zt the last two services and think at the current price you cant go wrong. I am looking to sell my 1998 mgf convertible with variable valve control.

Then there is the the question of whether it is worth spending the money on engine tuning when your money may be better spent buying a car that is faster to start with ie you ought to buy a vvc etc. At the mgf centre we aim to offer only the best quality on the market, whether it is a new or used part you are purchasing. With over 50 years of mg ownership and involvement, mike satur offers you an unrivalled range of original quality accessories specifically tailored for the discerning mg owner. Ok, so there is obviously more to it than that, but bolting on an induction kit can increase your cars power from 12bhp, up to 15bhp rolling road proven. The vvc system isnt that different, i thought by the way, the engine. This is a good mod for road use and frees the breathing up considerably. Ptps sport 165 kit is covered here by erik, and fitting instructions here. Possibly the most exciting and most comprehensively reworked mgf special edition so far. We are accepting orders, however, deliveries may be delayed by several days. But once we had the correct diagram how to wire it up, a helpfull and technical guy at a dealership started cutting wires and soldering the box into the loom. Mgf classic car how to guides and articles classic.

Warm sunday, top down, engine music blasting, along the beach. Fga motorsports service helped us to get the setup correct. The cylinder head gasket is known for failing on the mgf. The last special edition of the mgf was the freestyle introduced in autumn 2001. Here at moss europe we stock thousands of parts at great prices with fast door to door delivery.

Although the drive to the vvc mechanism is at a constant half engine or crankshaft speed, the camshaft velocity varies within each revolution in such a way as to maintain an average of half engine speed. The rover kseries engine is a series of engines built by powertrain ltd, a sister company of mg rover. He put ceramic sealant into the system which seems to have done the trick as it now runs, drives and doesnt get hot. Mg mgf are popular tuning projects and with carefully chosen uprated tuning mods like remapping, turbo improvements and. So tuning the engine head involves gas flowing and porting with some work to the inlet valve profiles.

Bespoke tuning work with a proven track record to over 280bhp is also available at reasonable prices. Most popular engines are catered for but it specialises in the rover k series engine as fitted to the caterham se7en, lotus elise, mgf and rover saloon cars. For mgf up to 2001 expect around an extra 17 bhpand 11. Launched as part of gms statement of having gotten back into business in 1992 and the success registered by parent company bmws z3 model, the f model was one fats car. We look at mg tf tuning and report on the best modifications. Hi jan, the engine sounds like it is coming together really well. For example, there is a very different approach if you want an engine with stonking low and mid range torque versus a highrev screamer.

Lowerd suspension for hold in corners, basic interior to keep the weight down, side air intakes, twin exhaust, 15 vvc wheels with maxxis low profile tyres. Shop from the worlds largest selection and best deals for mg complete engines. The compelling reason for this ubiquitous units success is the engines weight and size. Do superchip type remaps work, if so how much hp gains could be expected. The first genuine allnew mg since 1980, christened the mgf, was launched to an excited audience at the spring 1995 geneva motor show prior to its uk debut the following autumn. You could always do an engine swap if you have a small engine to start with. Rover k series spark plug cover mg vvc mgtf 216 214 gti. The engine was a straightfour cylinder built in two forms, sohc and dohc, ranging from 1.

The mgf was a hit right from the start and used prices actually exceeded list values as waiting lists quickly grew to make the mg the uks top. Het is altijd riskant een klassiek merk te doen herleven. So maybe now is the time to find a tf in good condition and keep it, or maybe collect several mgfs in anticipation their values will rise. Allthough this kind of tuning is very popular on other cars, especially the ones with a turbo diesel engine in the front, a small part of the mg ftf scene has made a change at the electronic management system of the kseries. A sorted vvc is a real hoot down the lanes and, after all, isnt that what it was designed for. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of mg from small engined family cars to large engine hot hatches and executive cars plus the classic mgs. The mgf is known for having problems with the electric window motor. If the head gasket fails, it will lead to overheating. Other tuning routes on a standard engine include better air filters and a sports exhausts. To go upto nearly 200bhp youd have to spend serious money on brake and suspension upgrades. In iain broon browns case, it was a manifold nut that was loose. Full text of louisville daily democrat louisville, ky. So i promptly bought three bottles for later in the year. This means that you can easily fit an eu2 vvc kseries engine eg.

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