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Do you clean the deck, repaint the hull, and change the oil. Boat maintenance is a necessity for all boat owners, whether you opt to perform athome care or decide to take your boat in for professional servicing. Nov 27, 2017 some countries prefer to use sailing vessel. May 27, 2016 rice employs a boat maintenance checklist when prepping his boat, outboard engines and other systems for the season ahead. The perfect small craft record keeper for cruises, expenses and maintenance bree, marlin on. We have a separate boats log where i keep all boats movements, consumption, uses, anomalies, events, and maintenance. For example, your employer could use a maintenance log to judge and analyze your performance so far. Noaa small boat log template small boat log template. Before departure, always be sure your vessel is in good working condition and properly equipped for emergencies. This includes storing the boat or yacht when not in use as well as cleaning and. Your yacht will be safer and it will keep its value longer. Safety equipment checklist open boat interactive pdf form safety. The maintenance program below is provided as a guideline only, as all boats vary and all captains have. Maintenance log marine maintenance system for commercial.

Free vehicle maintenance log service sheet templates. There needs to be taken into consideration that being a boat with a few years of age, some. Boat maintenance tips checklist boat inspection checklist. The maintenance log will help you keep track of all maintenance and repair items that are performed on your boat whether you do it or someone else does it. Heres an example of when normal engine work should be done so you can keep ahead of the curve. Nov 14, 2017 when your boat is stationary for any length of time either at a marina or at anchor, if youre going to be living on the boat and using the various systems there are several key things to keep an eye on. Helpful boating checklists info center chaparral boats owners. Planned maintenance record and report interactive pdf form planned. Wheelhouse provides an easytouse interface to manage maintenance related activities on a single vessel or fleet. Ive tried to save the spreadsheet to my laptop, but it will only save the first section on maintenance schedule. If its on a boat and it has screws, wires, or moving parts, its covered in boatowners mechanical and electrical manual. Maintenance plan for a recreational boat of 47m in. Boat cleaning soaps and solvents are toxic to marine life. Please be aware, this boat maintenance tips checklist does not represent everything you should check on your boat but merely give suggestions of where you should start.

Below youll find a 10step sailboat maintenance checklist for routine mission critical daily andor weekly checks and a video where simon and i demonstrate the steps. Boat maintenance checklist roads and maritime services. Since 1968, west marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable associates happy to assist. Automated maintenance scheduling vessel maintenance is one of the most important safety factors for a boater. About our preventative maintenance pm series the pm series addresses a pm found on most vessels by highlighting the requirements for a specific piece of equipment and then expand on equipment variations and techniques. If so, here are some important tips to help you protect the waters wherever you boat. Noaa small boat log template office of marine and aviation. The maintenance log includes ample space to list vessel specifications, spare part numbers, repairs and maintenance, as well as space for reference drawings. Easy to find advice and tips to make your boat project a success and avoid some of the mistakes that ive made. Boat maintenance checklist boat maintenance log before leaving home checklist.

Boat maintenance do you routinely work on your boat rather than hire others to do the work for you. Small wood rowboats, sailboats, canoes and early motorboats were common as cottage boats, fishing boats and workboats. By joecoons on october 21, 2011 add comment in maintenance, maintenance checklists. Maintenance plan for a recreational boat of 47m in length bis 9 advantages to reactive maintenance can be viewed as a doubleedged sword.

Mar 31, 2016 so since id rather go fishing than hear my buddy razz me about it, i keep a boat maintenance log. Boat maintenance pdf best management practices for boatcleaning pdf vessel cleaning and repair pdf seasonalwinter storage. Maintenance plan for a recreational boat of 47m in length bis. Keep up to date record for all your boating trips and events. Anyway feel free to just delete that entire line and simply add in your boat name or whatever title you like. The maintenance bible for boatowners is fully updated and better than ever. The log book could also include boat performance and maintenance information.

Print out these checklists or link to them from your companys website to provide your customers with easy access to stepbystep guides to owning and maintaining their boat. Free vehicle maintenance log templates for excel and word can help the user in creating maintenance logs and service sheets in no time. Tips, techniques and notes on wooden boat building, restoration and maintenance. The maintenance log includes ample space to list vessel specifications, spare part numbers, repairs, and maintenance, as well as space for reference drawings. Proper boat maintenance is key to a season of fun and safe boating. Here are our seven top boat maintenance tips to keep your boat, motor and trailer in peak condition. May 09, 2019 regular inspections and proper maintenance will ensure that your thrusters will be available when they are needed. Safety checklists for vessels 24m and superyachts ocean time. The maintenance log probably should have been done using a database application but the excel version is easy to use and serves to remind me to do what needs to be done.

Download noaa small boat log template small boat log template. When your boat is stationary for any length of time either at a marina or at anchor, if youre going to be living on the boat and using the various systems there are several key things to keep an eye on. Replace per the enginemanufacturer maintenance schedule. I just stumbled upon it as i was about to design one of these. Hurricane preparation, outboard motor care, safety, spring maintenance, and winterizing.

Boating is a recreational hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Jul 16, 2018 how to make your own logbook for your boat. How to make your own logbook for your boat thoughtco. Boat maintenance checklist for startup discover boating. If we are dealing with new equipment, we can expect minimal incidents of failure. We designed shipshape pro for use by individuals maintaining their own boat and by boat maintenance professionals, charter companies or boatyards looking after many boats. This powerful vessel maintenance system enables the owneroperator. Shipshape pro for ipad is our premium boat maintenance app. Dont waste it fixing a problem that could have been avoided, like a blown trailer tire or dirty carburetorinjectors. Boat maintenance it is important to ensure your vessel is in good order by inspecting the key features of the vessel each time before you leave home or the ramp, mooring or wharf. A maintenance log template would consist of the name of the person along with columns about the work hes done, the tasks hes completed or the assignments that are pending.

Boatrax your boats vital stats in your pocket boatrax. Printable checklists discover boating created a series of detailed checklists designed to help your customers stay prepared. How to maintain and preserve the small wood boat bu mike kiefer small wood boats are rare today but a generation or two ago they were a way of life. Most anglers and boaters have precious little time to pursue their passions. Follow the checklist below for troublefree sailing. Sure, we all save our receipts but who wants to sift through papers just to find out when the last oil change was performed. This boat maintenance log also includes quick reference pages on safety, weather, bia certification requirements, and more. The ultimate boating spreadsheet astrolabe sailing. Sailboat maintenance checklist 10 critical dailyweekly. Spend less time searching for the information you need. Print our free spring checklist to ensure your boat, trailer and equipment are safe and ready to go. Boat maintenance checklist larsen marine has been servicing sailboats and powerboats like yours for more than 85 years.

It has fuel log, expense log, maintenance log, log book, to do list and shopping list. A boat or yacht can endure significant wear and tear during use, but long periods of inactivity, especially during the winter months, can be just as harsh. It is so comprehensive that i have begun using it myself, and you might find it helpful too. Boating spreadsheet, maintenance log, passage plan, passage planning, provisioning, spreadsheet, template. The maintenance log templates can be used for a number of reasons. We will be able to schedule maintenance activities to minimize or delete. A document allowing a user to track all service related information and details at a place can be known as a service log. The best part is that these templates are free of cost. Here are some tips on things to check before taking your boat out for the first time this season. By providing fully automated maintenance scheduling and push button visibility of maintenance status, ships log v4 takes much of the work out of vessel maintenance. Learn about motor maintenance rules, winterization, spring commissioning and moreand follow our boat maintenance checklist for an easy guide on maintaining your boat. Avoid inconvenience and potential danger by taking a few minutes to check the following. If our maintenance program is purely reactive, we will not expend in manpower or incur capital cost until something breaks. It is a bit frightening all the jobs that need to be regularly attended to on a boat, but i figure you are better to add more detail rather than less.

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