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Cb chatter english euro truck simulator 2 mod youtube. There is a couple of cb sound mods out there that you can download. Euro truck simulator 2, farming simulator 20172019, american truck simulator, spintires, snowrunner. Radio made for driving, now playing online, in cab and on the go. The truck simulator radio stations making waves in the real. Playback of local mp3ogg files on your pc, or streaming.

In euro truck simulator 2 its easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from here, copyunzip files into. American truck simulator is a game of a simulator genre, where players will have to play as truck drivers. Today i am making a tutorial on how to use the new cb radio. American truck simulator and euro truck simulator 2 both support streaming radio stations in mp3 and mms formats.

Truck can be bought at level 0 prices for parts are set for scs trucks 9 engines 5 cummins x15 variators and. Truckersmp does not support the latest game version of euro truck simulator 2 or american truck simulator yet. In fact the euro truck simulator 2 map includes a wide selection of european countries. There is a mod that will put the cb antennas on the pete 389.

I used the word action in the headline, which may be a little misleading. Cb radio can be seen from inside and outside of the truck. Euro truck simulator 2s multiplayer mod releases early video. Germantruck, euro truck simulator, mod ets2, youtube, mod 1h ets2, live, livestreem, update ets2 1. Provides functions to connect and gather data from each api. Only the desire of being the best players keeps us pushing forward. American truck simulator download game for windows pc, mac. Euro truck simulator 2 download free full version for pc. Download radio police fire ems ham music stations zip. Cb radio channels can be changed in the online settings you can communicate with others via cb radio channels you can be heard by players who are close to you, the maximum distance is 0. You can always have plenty of that cb radio blah blah blah with these mods. Euro truck simulator 2 is a truck simulation game created by scs software. You will be surprised by the vast selection we offer you farming simulator 15, farming simulator 17, american truck simulator, euro truck simulator 2, gta5, fallout 4 and other games mods. Click the install plugin for euro truck simulatoramerican truck simulator button.

Euro truck simulator 2 gameplay on the road with wobbly this clip features a small cb radio mod as well as the kenworth t800. The truck simulator radio stations making waves in the real world. In american truck simulator, you will have to purchase various trucks and transport different goods and other cargo through the usa. Featuring licensed trucks with countless customization options and advanced driving physics, the game delivers an unparalleled driving experience which has put it in the spot of the most popular truck driving simulator on the market. Competition is the main engine of euro truck simulator 2 game. Euro truck simulator 2 for android and ios download mobile. The new uncle d euro truck simulator 2 cb radio chatter mod v1. Driver alert support errors none ets euro truck simulator exhd flat top sleeper fps freightliner. Please make sure that the keys and buttons you assign in ets2 local radio are not assigned in. Register an account with us, and then ensure that you connect your steam account, which has euro truck simulator 2 or american truck simulator. Wobbly quick question for you, do u know a safe site to download the mods for ets 2. Yet, its hard to do this without any extra help and thats why were here to help you. Aug 25, 2017 its the cb radio included in the mp mod. Europe has one cb channel per language ex channel 5 italian, channel 9 german, channel 17 danish, channel 20 austrian, channel 21 turkish, channel 22 would be romanian, channel 26 would be polish and channel 40 would be swiss.

Find best ets 2 trucks, ets 2 maps, ets 2 trailers, ets 2 skins and more. Ets2 mp euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer cb funk youtube. This is an upcoming multiplayer mod for euro truck simulator 2, after all. Download ets 2 mods, euro truck simulator 2 mods, scs mods. Would be useless in singleplayer as there would be no one else in your game with whom to speak. So in this current article, we are going to show all the things about euro truck simulator 2 game. Euro truck simulator 2 download for pc vehicle or simulation games are the most popular genre all over the world. You can manually add internet radio streams to the game by adding the stream url to a config file. Accessory parts all trucktuning parts fur alle lkws download. Download atsets2 local radio from the releases page. Simulator mods mods for ets2, ats, fs17, fs19, st, sr.

Truckersmp is a multiplayer mod designed for euro truck simulator and american truck simulator games. Truck sound, bus sound, real traffic sound, engine sound, environment sounds, etc. This is the first mod that allows you to create your own server and enjoy the game in a few people. Your mission is not only to transport goods in the game, but also run your own company, thats why the game always remains varied. It offers you the possibility to change the io sound device and change to the default cb radio channel settings. Click the install plugin for euro truck simulator american truck simulator button. Euro truck simulator 2 is a vehicle simulation game and the sequel to euro truck simulator created by scs software for microsoft windows and was released on october 19, 2012. If you will look at all the trucks except the pete 389 they all have cb antennas. We have the possibility of setting up a company yourself or with other players, is also available cb radio to communicate with all players on the server and chat. Truckersfm is the number one hit music station for trucking simulators.

Euro truck simulator 2 general discussions topic details. Your job is to drive amazing trucks around the world. Its maintained a large, active community since its inception, and gamers from all over have lauded its ingame economy, career paths, and authentic european roadways. Ets2mp is an upcoming mod for the game euro truck simulator allowing you to participate in convoys with people from all over the world on our global servers. Many pc simulation games are available in the gaming market but only some of the game gets success. On our website, you can find a great variety of video game mods files. Cb radio euro truck simulator 2 general discussions.

Here you can download our ets2 mod as a torrent with a lot of seeder. Create your own radio playlist for euro truck simulator 2, american truck simulator, cattle and crops, listen online radios and add your favorite stations. As long as you meet our requirements, youll be trucking alongside thousands of other. Set in europe, the player can drive across a depiction of europe, visiting its cities, picking up a variety of cargos, and delivering them. This mod has updated with all usa cb channel 19 chatter only. Euro truck simulator 2 gives you the chance to become a real truck driver from the comfort of your home.

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